For the past few months, we have been waiting on Medical Board results pertaining to Randall's kidney disease. They finally came back this week and we couldn't be happier. Randall is going to receive a high percentage of his base pay and we all get medical coverage and benefits for life. We are so thankful that God has His hand in this situation and has blessed us in this way.

We are still waiting on the final orders but those should be back soon. Then, we will have an exact date on when we are moving back to Virginia. We are hoping to be home by the end of this month! We can't wait to reunite with family and friends and not have to say goodbye so soon!

The Past Month...

...has FLOWN by!!!

My mom was here for three weeks and she just left yesterday. While she was here, we tried to fit in as much "touristy" stuff as possible. We strated with a lazy day at the pool in Waikiki. Well, I guess with Evan, there are no such things as lazy days! We also stopped at the Pali Lookout on the way home.

Caleb and I also had the chance to swim with sea lions at Sea Life Park. It was really cool to be able to be so close to these animals and touch and feed them.

While mom babysat, Randall, Caleb, and I had fun on a Snorkel Cruise in the Pacific Ocean. Well, Randall and Caleb had fun...I was was seasick!

I saw a fish that was about to attack me


Summer Can Start...

...now that Caleb is out of school!

We do not have a second grader anymore. I cannot believe how much Caleb has grown and learned over the past year. On his first day of summer, he has done typical Caleb things: pancakes for breakfast, played a video game, watched a movie. I asked if he wanted to go anywhere. "No, I just want to be lazy." Enjoy it while you can, Caleb! Right now, we are just waiting for Ma to get here.

waiting for the bell to ring

leaving 2nd grade

"I'm a third grader now!"

Evan had his 6 month checkup yesterday. He is perfect! He weights about 17 pounds and is over 27 inches long. He is pretty much the biggest baby ever!

We are hoping to back in Virginia within the next couple of months. We are waiting on Randall's Medical Board results. After those get back, we are outta here! We are all looking forward to coming home. If only we didn't have to be on a plane for 16 hours (with a baby)!


A Fun and Sun Weekend!

What a busy weekend!

It all started on Friday at Caleb's school's Ho'ike Day. Ho'ike means "show." Each grade level did some kind of dance/performance. The 2nd graders did traditional Polynesian dances called "Utaina E" and "Toia Mai." It was very cool! Caleb's class had been practicing for several months. He was so excited for this day--he was up at 5:30 that morning!

On Saturday, we decided to go to the Hale Koa Hotel on Waikiki beach for more fun in the sun. It was Evan's first time in a pool and he loved it! He had so much fun splashing and laughing at Caleb. He even took a nap in his stroller then played some more. I was worried that he wouldn't like the water but now I know this summer is going to be fun after all!On Sunday, Caleb had a Semper Fi Wrestling Club pool party. He received another trophy, and two awards (most wins and fastest pin) for such an outstanding season!


Evan's First Park Visit

Since the weather has been so nice lately (yes, Hawaii does have bad weather too!), Evan decided he wanted to go to the park. He actually had fun swinging and sliding with Caleb. We even saw some wildlife on the way home!
Here are some pics...


Keeping Up To Date

Well, Evan is really growing! He is just a little over 4 months and weighs almost 16 pounds. He's a big one! We have started to feed him cereal but he really just spits it out. He has wised up and every time I come near him with the spoon, he clamps his mouth shut! Caleb is involved in wrestling now. In his first tournament, he took home the Gold. Just yesterday, he placed second in his bracket and got a ribbon. This Friday, there will be an article about him in the Marine Corps paper. He also just received his report card--straight As, of course. An athlete and smart?! Hope that sticks around until college scholarship time!Randall is hangin' in there. I think I might put him in a home if anything else falls apart on him! He recently had another ankle surgery and is currently in a cast. He can walk around and do things and believe me, I have been making him do things since he is on leave for a month! His kidneys are still functioning at 34%. We were worried there for a little bit that they were getting worse but recent tests have all come back normal. He is on a Medical Board with the military right now to get benefits when he gets out. He is supposed to get out in October, however, the Medical Board may take up to a year and he may have to extend his getting out. Bottom line--we have NO idea when we will be going home.I am doing fine. I am enjoying staying home with all my boys. I go to visit my coworkers (who have become what I hope are lifelong friends) and students occasionally. I really miss my students and they tell me that they miss me as well. That really makes me feel good to know that I had somewhat of an impact on their lives.

We love and miss everyone!!!


Easter 2008

Just some pictures from Easter...


Can't Believe It

Caleb just celebrated his 8th birthday!

He had a lot of surprises coming his way this year. First, mom and daddy showed up at our door one day. Caleb had no idea they were coming! He was in shock for about an hour after they arrived. Then, my aunt Brenda and Lara came too.

On Caleb's special day, we opened his presents and we all went to a luau. The next day, he had a party at Tiki Island (miniature golf and bumper boats) with 12 boys from school.